II International Convention on the Polish Language and Culture

Szczecin, 20–22 September 2023

Institute of Linguistics and Institute of Literature and New Media of the University of Szczecin (Poland) are honoured to present the Second International Convention on Polish Language and Culture to be held on September 20-22 2023 in Szczecin.

The convention aims to create a platform for discussing diverse aspects of the Polish language, literature and culture, an exchange of experience and the integration of researchers from academic institutions in Poland and abroad.

We invite abstracts from linguists, scholars working in the fields of literature, culture and media, historians, sociologists, translators and other professionals involved in studies of the Polish language, literature and culture.

Conference topics

Linguistics: synchronic and diachronic studies on the Polish language, comparative studies, international reception of Polish linguists, cultural and linguistic aspects of translation from and into Polish

Literature studies: literary outputs of Polish diasporas, reception of old and new Polish literature in the world, translations of Polish literary works and translations of foreign literatures into Polish

Teaching and learning: teaching and learning Polish abroad as well as in Poland as a foreign, heritage and native language, Polish in the academia and at school in the world, the status of Polish in diasporas

History, culture and media: reception of the Polish culture abroad, participation of the Poles in the global culture, activities of Polish diaspora organisations, cultural heritage of Polish immigrants and its reception in Poland and elsewhere, Polish media abroad

We also welcome other topics within the field of language and culture.

Conference languages: Polish, English

Submission deadline : 10 June 2023

Conference fee: PLN 500. This includes conference materials, lunch, coffee breaks, conference dinner and events (concert, guided tour of Szczecin).

The convention has been conceived as a hybrid event in order to enable guests from overseas to participate.



dr hab. Adrianna Seniów, prof. US (Institute of Linguistics, University of Szczecin)

dr hab. Hanna Pułaczewska, prof. US (Institute of Linguistics, University of Szczecin)

dr Dorota Orsson (University of Greifswald)

dr Nina Pielacińska (Institute of Literature  and New Media, University of Szczecin)


International Congress of the Polish Language and Culture – call for papers